Kellyanne Conway Confronts CNN Reporter Over Detention Photo: Do You Care About Migrant Children?


Kellyanne Conway took aggravated offense when responding to a CNN reporter outside the White House today.

Conway was lashing out over the continuing debate over immigration policy and whether it is Trump or Obama responsible for the separation of children at the border.

In particular, the photo of two “caged” children at a detention center.

“Your CNN colleague retweeted that two migrant children, I suppose, laying in a cage, to make the point against this President happened under President Obama’s watch. Then deleted the tweet because it didn’t fit the narrative. Do you or do you not care about the migrant children?”

The sharing of the 2014 story on immigration has been a topic of argument for a few days now. The President tweeted about it, and now Kellyanne Conway is ripping CNN over it.

Of course, accusations (and examples) of dishonesty are in no short supply in the relationship between CNN and Kellyanne. Does either have a right to be genuinely offended at the other anymore?

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