Lindsey Graham: Fighting Back Against ‘Crazy People’ Trying to Destroy You Isn’t Covering Up

Senator Lindsey Graham pushed back on the increased calls of a Presidential “cover-up” made recently by his political rivals across the aisle during a Friday morning appearance on Fox & Friends.

Earlier this week Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows when she averred that in her esteem the “President of the United States has engaged in a cover-up.” Since then, the term “cover-up” has been an oft-repeated phrase by fellow Democrats, Trump critics and predictable cable news programs known for taking critical looks at President Donald Trump.

But in Graham’s opinion, the term “cover-up” is not a fair portrayal of an administration with which he enjoys a most-cozy relationship.

After outlining significant evidence of how the White House cooperated with the Mueller investigation, Graham asked rhetorically “What did Donald Trump coverup regarding Mueller? Nothing.” He added, “if fighting back against a bunch of crazy people trying to destroy his life, that is not covering anything up.”

Graham’s point about Trump sharing documents, allowing testimony not claiming executive privilege is completely relevant to the Mueller probe. It conveniently ignores, however, the many examples of the White House stonewalling multiple Congressional requests for further testimony be relevant figures central to allegations of obstruction of justice that are strongly suggested in the Mueller report and the Trump administrations flouting of ccnstitutionally dictated cooperation with Congressional oversight efforts.

Watch above via Fox News.

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