Maggie Haberman on White House Policy Flips: ‘There’s a Lot More of Letting Trump Be Trump These Days’


New York Times White House reporter Maggie Haberman appeared on CNN’s New Day Friday morning and addressed what can fairly be called the recent policy flips made by President Donald Trump.

For example, Trump threatened to close the US-Mexico border last week but walked that threat back in the last few days, ostensibly due to Mexico’s renewed focus on immigration issues. Similarly, health care reform was announced by Trump himself as a big issue for the Republican party heading into the 2020 election, but that was also quashed after Senator Mitch McConnell reportedly signaled “no bueno” to the White House on this difficult issue.

When asked what was going on, Haberman offered that this was not necessarily new.  “We’ve seen this pattern with him,” she offered, adding “we’ve seen some version of this over time the last two years. I do think this is a bit more of a pronounced form of what he does, but he tends to take a variety of positions on the same issue and then he is able to say he was on each side of it and then says, I wasn’t flipping because I said we might do it.”

What’s changed in the White House dynamic that makes this policy waffling behavior more pronounced?  Great question, to which Haberman explained.

“There’s a lot more letting Trump be Trump these days than there was in the previous two in the beginning, there was gridlock in part because there was so much infighting that it delayed things from happening,” she said, adding “What I hear from lots of people there’s a lot of catch as catch can.”

Apart from just a few senior aides, the White House staff that surrounds President Trump is very different today than it was in his first two years in office. He is on his third Chief of Staff and many of his top strategic advisors he brought to the White House in 2017 have since been replaced by individuals that, in Haberman’s esteem, let’s Trump do Trump.

Watch above via CNN.

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