Michael Wolff Laments Bannon’s Breitbart Ouster: ‘I Am the Reason That He’s Out’


Michael Wolff, author of that bestselling tell-all about President Donald Trump and his staff, has been absolutely pounding the press pavement these last couple of days. He’s been on just about every major news network. He’s been on the couch with Steven Colbert.

Now, the country’s fave gossip hound has even appeared with the hosts of The View to discuss the political firestorm that has erupted over his book.

The lengthy conversation eventually turned to recently disgraced Steve Bannon, who has been ousted by Breitbart and abandoned by conservatives.

Ana Navarro asked if the fallout over Bannon was something he expected would happen.

“It was certainly wasn’t something I expected and it’s certainly not something I feel good about,” he said. “I came to like Steve.”

“I came to appreciate, A,  his insights and, B, to believe that this was a man who thought he had a job to do, who had his eye on the prize, who was very focused and who had made this interesting compromise that he was going to do with this Donald Trump.”

Wolff finally admitted that Bannon let his frustrations get the best of him, something he feels some responsibility for.

“Trumpism and Donald Trump were at a significant distance from one another and I think Steve wrestled with that,” he said. “Ultimately, I was the recipient of his enormous frustration.”

“I am the reason he’s out.”

“Give the man a Nobel Peace Prize,” Navarro joked before ending the segment.

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