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Mick Mulvaney to Fox News Viewers: If You Watch Fox News You Probably Like the Tax Bill

President Donald Trump is over the moon about the tax bill. Members of the GOP-controlled Congress are equally joyous, with Rep. Paul Ryan likely jamming some anticipatory Rage Against the Machine ahead of next week’s vote.

There’s just one problem.

Americans seem to hate the dang thing. Polling for the tax bill has always been low, but data released by Quinnipac this morning shows that public support for this Ayn Rand fever dream has reached a new nadir.

Only 26 percent of Americans support the bill, with 55 percent disapproving. Nearly 70 percent of those polled think that the bill favors the wealthy and only 21 percent think that it will help the middle class.

Those are some pretty dismal numbers, but if Republicans, led by President Trump, keep promising tax cuts in our stockings, or under the Christmas tree, or whatever, how could people say no? It’s not as if anyone likes paying taxes. Why do people seem to hate this bill so much?

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and host Steve Doocy asked that very same question.

Mulvaney, of course, blamed that most modern of boogeymen, fake news.

“If you turn to any channel besides this one, all you’re going to hear is bad news about this particular bill,” he said. “No one is focusing, as you folks do, on what’s good for people in this bill.”

Fox News viewers, as usual, are the only ones with the cajones to accept the pure, unfiltered truth, as stated by Mulvaney.

“So if you get your news here, you probably like [the bill,] because you focused on what’s good for you,” he continued. “But if not, you don’t.”

Now, as of this writing, there is no concrete legislation. It’s a scattered amalgam of the bills that passed two weeks ago, with nobody really knowing what will end up in the final draft. Congressional Republicans are scrambling to get something that appeases both the House and the Senate to a vote by Monday.

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