Nadler: NY Times Trump Tax Report Shows That Trump Is a ‘Total Lie’ and a ‘Two-Bit Con Man’


Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) appeared Wednesday night on Don Lemon Tonight and discussed a myriad of issues regarding the current constitutional confrontation/crisis brewing between Congressional oversight efforts and an Executive Branch thus far unwilling to cooperate further with what they see as needless “presidential harassment” with blanked executive privilege over the fully redacted Mueller Report and the testimony of numerous current and former Trump administration members.

Amidst that ongoing beltway intrigue, the New York Times published an epic report that outlined ten years of Donald Trump’s reported loss of well over $1 Billion dollars over a ten year period they uncovered from tax documents they got their hands on. Naturally, host Don Lemon asked Nadler to opine on the Times report in the context of everything else that is going on.

Nadler’s response did not disappoint Trump’s critics.

“What it shows is that the president is a total liar and a two-bit conman,” adding “but those of us who knew him in New York knew that for many years and knew banks wouldn’t lend him money, except for Deutsche Bank.”

He then pivoted to the Congressional request for Trump’s tax returns, saying “It doubles down on the reasoning for asking for his tax returns. But here it’s not a question of a subpoena. The law says that the ways and means committee may request anyone’s tax returns and when they do the IRS must, must supply it. And secretary Mnuchin by saying I’m not going to supply it is just breaking the law.”

Nadler finished with “There’s no excuse. He doesn’t even say I’m breaking the law — actually, he says they don’t have a legitimate legislative purpose. That’s not for him to decide. The law says he must supply it and another example of this administration simply being lawless and refusing to follow the law. And that is intolerable.”

Watch above via CNN.

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