Nancy Pelosi Ridicules Trump’s ‘Orchestrated’ And ‘Poor Baby’ Meeting: ‘Very, Very, Very Strange’


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s very eventful Wednesday morning did not keep her from attending the CAP Ideas Conference, where she was a featured guest. During an interview shortly after a stunning turn of events at the White House, Speaker Pelosi revealed her version of events and dismissed President Donald Trump’s behavior as “orchestrated, almost to a poor baby point of view” cutting short a planned infrastructure meeting after only three minutes.

Pelosi’s day started with an early morning meeting of House Democrats to ostensibly get on the same page regarding possible impeachment proceedings towards President Trump. Coming out of that meeting, Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke briefly to the assembled media and dropped a rather significant bombshell in stating that the House Democrats “believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

This, in turn, angered the commander in chief, who had planned on negotiating infrastructure spending with the Speaker and Senator Chuck Schumer. But as has been previously reported the contentious and apparently failed meeting was cut short after Trump expressed displeasure over Pelosi’s comments that Democrats believed that “the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

Pelosi described the events by telling her interviewer that “in an orchestrated, almost to a poor baby point of view, he came into the room and said that I said that he was engaged in a cover-up and he couldn’t possibly engage in a conversation on infrastructure as long as we are investigating him.” She went further adding “Now we’ve been investigating him since we took — or the majority, so this is nothing new in that.”

She continued “and then he had a press conference in the Rose Garden with all of this sort of visuals that obviously were planned long before I said most currently that he was engaged in a cover-up so it is really sad.”

“But you never know with this President of the United States,” she offered at the end of this portion of the interview, adding “so that is what happened this morning. It was very, very, very strange.”

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