Napolitano: If the White House Ignores Court Orders, THAT Would Be a Constitutional Crisis

In a sea of predictable cable news takes, there have been a handful of individuals who have flouted the predictable. And there is no better example of that than Fox News Senior Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano who has been unafraid to share analysis critical of President Donald Trump on Fox News opinion programming that is very pro-Trump, like Fox & Friends.

On Thursday morning he put plainly that he didn’t see the current situation as a constitutional crisis, instead of calling it a “clash.”

Napolitano compared the current situation to that which occurred with the Watergate investigation into President Richard Nixon, saying “This is what happened in the United States vs. Nixon and the Supreme Court ruled with clarity.”

He then made his opinion clear by adding “Do we have a constitutional in my opinion we don’t. We would have a constitutional crisis if the courts ordered the president or Congress to do something and either of them defied the courts. That’s the crisis. Right now it’s just a clash.”

So Napolitano’s assessment of Congressional Democrats claims that we are in a “constitutional crisis” should hold more weight than the typical cable news pablum. Napolitano has earned a level of gravitas due to his “balls and strikes” assessment.

Watch above via Fox News.


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