Pelosi Mocks Trump’s Claim That Mexico is Paying for Wall: ‘The Oval Office is an Evidence-Free Zone’


Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continued to go oops! upside Donald Trump‘s head on Thursday, mocking Trump’s false claim that Mexico is actually paying for the border wall by declaring the Oval Office “an evidence-free zone.”

Trump drew widespread mockery for tweeting that his new NAFTA deal means “MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!”, and at a press conference Thursday morning, a reporter asked Pelosi if Trump had made an argument similar to his tweet during their private meeting earlier this week.

“Yes he did, he said that, but it doesn’t make any sense,” Pelosi said with a laugh. “Does that sound familiar to you? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Basically what he’s saying is, any benefit our economy might have from a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada would be spent on the wall, instead of growing our economy, increasing paychecks for our workers, the American people are still paying the price,” Pelosi added. “Mexico is not paying for this wall.”

Pelosi went on to slam Trump’s logic at length, and said “I think the Oval Office is in evidence free zone. You’ve got to have facts, data, evidence, truth in order to make an agreement of how you go forward, and that’s just another example of what we had, is a problem when we wanted to discuss, in public, some of the representations that the president is making, which just simply weren’t true. But out of respect for the office that he holds, not to keep saying that in front of the American people.”

Pelosi’s comments follow the disastrous Oval Office photo op that was almost universally seen as a victory for Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), even on Fox News.

Watch the clip above, via PBS.

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