Rep. Kildee on Trump’s Tax Returns: Need to Know If His Private Interests Influence Public Decision-Making


Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) appeared on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning and explained the reasoning behind the House  Ways and Means Committee request that the IRS hand over President Donald Trump‘s tax returns. The request, which was first reported by the NY Times on Wednesday afternoon, covers the president’s taxes for the last six years and also the taxes of eight of Trump’s business entities.

The request for Trump’s tax returns has quickly become the latest political football for cable news debate. Supporters of the Trump administration see it as “presidential harassment” while others believe it is necessary transparency for a sitting President with global financial interests.

Or as Kildee explains in the clip above ” We ought to be able to know, as a society, as a people whether the president’s private interests influence his public decision-making. We cannot know that when he’s unwilling to be transparent with the American people. ”

Kildee added “This is a promise he made as he was running for president, assuring the American people he will be transparent as almost a half a century of presidents and candidates have been. And now he’s completely oblique when it comes to his personal interests.”

Watch above via CNN.

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