Rep. Lacy Clay Torches Trump and Republicans at Cohen Hearing for Lying to the American People

Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) quickly and concisely blasted Donald Trump, Trump’s children, and Trump’s legal team for lying to the American people, and slammed congressional Republicans for protecting Trump.

At Wednesday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Clay prefaced his questioning of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen by ripping into Trump’s entire circle.

“Mr. Cohen, I’m pleased you agreed to testify today voluntarily,” Rep. Clay began. “In my view, we are all here for just one reason, and that’s the American people are tired of being lied to.”

.”They have been lied to by President Trump, they’ve been lied to by the president’s children, they have been lied to by the president’s legal representatives,” he continued, then added “And it pains me to say that they have been even lied to by his congressional enablers, who are still devoted to perpetuating and protecting this giant con game on the American people.”

The early hours of the hearing were a contentious mix of explosive testimony from Cohen, attempts at obstruction and attacks on Cohen by Republicans, and Democrats on the committee pulling as much information about Trump from Cohen as they could.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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