comScore Scarborough: Republicans Have ‘Beclowned Themselves’ In Supporting Trump over Conservatism

Scarborough: Republicans Have ‘Beclowned Themselves’ In Supporting Trump over Conservatism

Joe Scarborough is no longer a member of the Republican party that he represented in Congress in the 1990s, but he does still identify as a strong supporter of the same conservative values he fought for in the House of Representatives.  So it is from that perspective that the Morning Joe co-host laced into members of the Republican party who have, in his esteem, left the core conservative values that have long been the foundation of the GOP, opting instead for support of Trump’s policies that are more liberal in many regards, than what the GOP supported before.

“I’m so amused when people come up to me and say you used to be a Republican and I used to support your views,” Scarborough offered, adding “well, my views haven’t changed.” He then listed the alleged shifting positions on massive federal spending, union bosses, border policy, etc, adding “these people have beclowned themselves because they adopted overnight actually extraordinarily liberal views overnight!”

He finished by addressing former GOP Party Chair Michael Steele, saying “you and I and Republicans and conservatives believed in our entire life, a balanced budget, free trade, Ronald Reagan’s belief of a nation of immigrants. Donald Trump has completely trashed that and these mindless sycophants, not just in Congress but some people come up to me and are like ‘Why aren’t you a Republican anymore?’  They’ve all had brain transplants and they’re thinking like liberals. It’s crazy!”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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