Shep Smith: Critics Argue Trump’s Graphic Anti-Muslim Retweets Encourage ‘Hate and Violence’

President Donald Trump shocked the world earlier today when he retweeted a series of graphic anti-Muslim videos originally shared by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the extreme rightwing U.K. party Britain First.

These retweets were so extreme, so ridiculous, even by Trump standards, that the president has actually been denounced by several high profile right-leaning outlets, including Breitbart News and Infowars.

Now you can add Fox News to the list.

Shephard Smith just interviewed Wall Street Journal editor John Bussey in a conversation that was supposed to be about Republicans’ success in pushing their tax reform bill through several congressional hurdles.

It didn’t take long, however, for the talk to veer to Trump’s anti-Muslim tweetstorm.

“This morning, the president tweets out unverified hate videos that were produced by some kind of right-wing group, a fringe group, in Britain,” Bussey said, noting that these tweets stole the thunder from celebrating Republicans. “Once again surprising the people that he’s trying to convince to stay with him on the tax bill. ”

Smith concurred, saying “The critics make an argument that that encourages hate and violence.”

Bussey noted that these tweets came at a time when Trump needs all of the support he can get, particularly in the face of North Korea’s nuclear armament.

“The president’s fitness is once again being discussed,” he said. “Why did he do this? This was unnecessary.”

“People want veracity and truthfulness out of the White House and we don’t always get that.”

Bussey also said that the tax reform bill “hasn’t been vetted the way it needs to be vetted” and that “there are all sorts of possible unintended consequences.”

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