Stephen Colbert Parodies Trump’s Over-The-Top Mexico Tariff Threats: ‘Cinco de Mayo is Going to be Ten-o de Mayo!’


CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert parodied the increasingly disjointed rhetoric coming from President Donald Trump about the escalating tariffs he has threatened to impose on Mexico as payback for illegal immigration from that country: “We’re going to jack up everything Mexico: Cinco de Mayo is going to be 10-o de mayo, then 15-o de mayo, 20-o de mayo.”

Colbert pointed out that, last week, Trump tweeted that Mexico would be the latest front in his trade war, unless that country stopped “all illegal migrants,” an absurdly impossible demand.

“You can’t just slap a tariff on everything you’re mad at,” Colbert noted before lapsing into his Trump impersonation. “I am imposing a 25 percent fee on all pants coming into my closet until such time as they agree to fit me. You can do it. You can do it, pants. Zip!”

The consequences of such a protectionist move could be huge, Colbert explained: “Mexico is America’s number one trading partner,” he noted. “In fact, if these tariffs become permanent, Chipotle could raise burrito prices by five cents. Five cents! It’s an outrage. Now we’re going to have to start putting cheaper things in our Mexican food. Get ready for Taco Bell’s Pigeons N’ Lint Crunch supreme.”

But not everyone is on board with Trump’s Mexico tariffs plan, the Late Show host noted. “The potential economic damage has made the unthinkable contemplatable,” he pointed out. “Congressional Republicans have begun discussing whether they may have to vote to block President Trump’s planned new tariffs on Mexico, which would be the GOP’s most dramatic act of defiance since Trump took office. Oh, so, this they would block. They’re fine with obstruction of justice and kids in cages, but this is too far.”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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