Trump: Anthony Fauci is a ‘Very Good Person’ But ‘We Have to Get the Schools Opened’


President Donald Trump shared nice words about Dr. Anthony Fauci Thursday morning, before pushing back on the notion that vaccinations and medical treatments for the coronavirus will not allow students to return to school in the fall.

In a White House interview, Fox Business Maria Bartiromo noted that Dr. Fauci is “worried about spikes turning into outbreaks.” During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Fauci was asked about students returning to school in the fall, and Bartriromo characterized his response as “it seems like it could be too soon.”

Fauci has been the victim of what some called a coordinated attack on his character by Fox News prime time hosts, but Trump took a different tone. “So Anthony is a good person, very good person,” the commander in chief opened.

“I think that we have to open our schools, young people are very little affected by this. We have to get the schools opened and we have to get our country open, we have to open our country,” Trump continued. “Now we want to do it safely and quickly as possible. We can’t keep on going on this like.”

Watch above via Fox Business.

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