Trump Blames Low Poll Numbers on ‘ILLEGAL Witch Hunt’ In Epic Early AM Tweet Storm


President Donald Trump appeared to start his Wednesday morning with by sending more than a dozen missives on his Twitter account. Some were original tweets, others were retweets of supportive messages, but the vast majority were designed to denigrate the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and dismiss Democratic members of Congress who are debating the merits of starting an impeachment investigation.

The general theme of the more than a dozen tweets can be best summed up by this single tweet, sent just at the 7 AM hour EDT:

Trump notably included “poll numbers” which is perhaps a reaction to recent Quinnipiac poll results that show President Trump at a remarkably low 38% approval rating. More unsettling to Trump and his base of supporters is that the poll also strongly suggests that Tump is not getting credit for the current economy, which features very high quarterly GDP and 50-year record unemployment levels.

So in Trump’s esteem, the only reason his poll numbers are so low is due to the Special Counsel investigation that he repeatedly claims found “No Collusion, No Obstruction!”

While the Mueller investigation led to no criminal charges, collusion is not a criminal standard that was actually looked into, and Mueller found numerous examples of possible coordination and meetings between Trump campaign officials and Russian individuals connected to Russian intel operations, but not enough that rose to the level of charging a crime.

Mueller also laid out nearly a dozen examples of possible obstruction of justice, and while he didn’t recommend pressing charges, his report seemed to suggest further Congressional inquiry, which is being hotly debated in this current divided political environment.

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