Trump Defends Backing Away From Background Checks: ‘It’s Not the Gun That Pulls the Trigger’


President Donald Trump, talking to a pool of reporters Tuesday, backed away from a call for stronger background check legislation, calling such measures a “slippery slope.”

“The people that — a lot of the people that put me where I am, are strong believers in the Second Amendment, and I am also. And we have to be very careful about that. You know, they call it the slippery slope,” said Trump. “All of a sudden everything gets taken away, we’re not going to let that happen.”

“We have very very strong background checks right now,” said Trump. A reporter had asked him to clarify his position on background checks, and reminded him that he “seemed to be on board” with stronger background checks after the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Upon leaving Bedminster, the reporter said, Trump seemed to backtrack and said there are already strong background checks on the books, “which a lot of people read as you dialing down.”

“I’m not doing that to be cute,” said Trump, before adding that there are “missing areas” in the solutions to gun violence, “missing areas and areas that don’t complete the whole circle.”

“We’re looking at different things and I have to tell you it’s a mental problem, I said it 100 times, it’s not the gun that pulls the trigger, it’s the person that pulls the trigger,” said Trump. He then lamented the fact that New York has closed many of its mental institutions. “Those people just went on to the streets, and they did it for budgetary reasons,” said Trump.

Watch above via CNN.

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