Trump Reportedly Denied He Called Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ Despite the Fact It’s All on Tape

President Donald Trump reportedly denied he called Apple CEO Tim Cook, “Tim Apple.”

Yet, here’s the rub. It is all on tape.

According to Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Trump told a group of Republican donors at Mar-a-Lago on Friday night he actually got Cook’s name right and it was the “fake news” who made it sound like he screwed up.

From Swan’s report published on Sunday:

Trump told the donors that he actually said “Tim Cook Apple” really fast, and the “Cook” part of the sentence was soft. But all you heard from the “fake news,” he said, was “Tim Apple.”

The sources that spoke to Axios were also confused as to why Trump would say such a thing, given the fact there is tape of the whole thing.

“Two donors who were there told me they couldn’t understand why the president would make such a claim given the whole thing is captured on video,” Swan reported. “Nobody cared, they said, and Tim Cook took it in good humor by changing his Twitter profile to Tim Apple.”

Watch the video of the “Tim Apple” moment above

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