Trump Takes Victory Lap on Economy By Shouting Out Drudge: ‘ENVY of the WORLD’

President Donald Trump wants the Twitterverse to know something: The United States of America, particularly under his leadership, is the “ENVY of the WORLD.”

To prove his point, he shared with his millions of followers on Twitter a screenshot of the Drudge Report homepage. To wit:

There is no question that President Trump is enjoying a good moment right now, even if his political rivals have not followed his direction to “move on” from continued investigations into the Mueller Report, potential obstruction of justice, and some admittedly curious behavior of Attorney General William Barr.

All that aside, the U.S. economy continues to hum, in large part due to Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation (and perhaps the inheritance of an already strong economy.) But there is no doubt that the 3.6% unemployment rate revealed in today’s job numbers — which represent a 49-year low (!)– is worth celebrating regardless of political party.

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