Trump Voter Tells MSNBC Would be ‘Disastrous’ to Take Away Obamacare, Says She Gets ‘Amazing’ Healthcare


A West Virginia woman who voted for Donald Trump says that it would be “disastrous” if Obamacare were to go away, for herself and for “thousands” of West Virginia residents.

MSNBC correspondent Rehema Ellis visited a Health Right clinic in West Virginia this week, where 45 percent of the patients are beneficiaries of Obamacare provisions like the Medicaid expansion.

Ellis spoke to Margaret Grassie, a clinic patient who says she voted for Trump, and asked “What would it mean to you if Obamacare went away?”

“Oh, it would be disastrous for me,” Grassie said. “First of all, my prescriptions each month are about $800.”

“And the healthcare that I get here is amazing,” she continued, adding that “the quality is great, but if you take Obamacare away, it’s not just going to affect me, it’s going to affect thousands in West Virginia. Thousands.”

“You voted for Trump, and he’s talked about taking this away, replacing it with something,” Ellis said. “If you had an opportunity to talk to him and to people in Washington, what would you say about this, is this a Republican or Democratic issue?”

“No, this is health care, it’s not politics,” Grassie said. “It’s not about being a Democrat or Republican or independent. You’ve got to come together to get the health care system in this United States right.”

“And will that determine how you vote in 2020?” Ellis asked.

“Absolutely,” Grassie replied.

Trump has been talking about getting rid of Obamacare since long before he was elected, and campaigned on a promise to repeal and replace it. Grassie told Ellis, elsewhere in the interview, that she doesn’t know the solution, but that she “put [Trump] in office to figure that out.”

In that portion of the interview, aired at a later time, Grassie also implored Trump to “Just stop and think about what you’re about to destroy.”

Watch the clips above, via MSNBC.

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