Trump’s Former Chief of Staff John Kelly Says He Would Remove Trump From Office Via 25th Amendment


Former White House chief of staff John Kelly blasted Donald Trump for fomenting unrest and inciting violence through the constant spreading of election fraud conspiracy theories, saying that if he were still in the president’s cabinet, he would vote to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office.

In a Thursday afternoon phone interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the former marine general blasted Trump’s behavior over the past few weeks and months as “outrageous” and said he agreed with the growing calls — from both sides of the aisle as well as reportedly inside Trump’s own White House — to convene the cabinet for an up or down vote of confidence in the president’s ability to live up to his constitutional oath.

“There’s now talk of invoking the 25th Amendment to try to get the cabinet to remove the president from office,” Tapper pointed out. “Do you support such an action? Should he be removed by the cabinet?”

“The cabinet should meet and have a discussion,” Kelly agreed. “I don’t think it will happen, but I think the cabinet should meet and discuss this. The behavior yesterday and in the weeks and months before that has been outrageous from the president. And what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday is a direct result of his poisoning the minds of people with the lies and the frauds.”

“You were a former member of the cabinet, in addition to being White House chief of staff,” Tapper noted, alluding to Kelly’s six-month tenure as DHS secretary. “If you were in the cabinet right now, would you vote to remove him from office?”

Kelly paused for a beat or two and then stammered a bit as he said: “I — yes, I would.”

“One thing we have going for us here, Jake, it’s only 13 more days,” Kelly then added, noting Mike Pence’s very public break with Trump about presiding over President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. “No one, as indicated yesterday by our vice president, no one around him anymore is going to break the law. He can give all the orders he wants. No one is going to break the law. We saw Mike Pence, Vice President Pence stand his ground yesterday.”

“Nobody around him will, but he has this mob of ardent supporters who are willing to break the law. Are you worried about what he might do in these last 13 days?” Tapper pressed, alluding to the insurrectionist mob that stormed the Capitol and was tacitly encouraged along the way by Trump.

“No longer. Again, this has so enraged,  what happened yesterday has so enraged the country and turned most of the country back on the right course,” Kelly insisted, adding moments later, “It’s only 13 more days.”

Again, Tapper pressed Kelly, pointing out that letting Trump evade responsibility sets a dangerous precedent for future misconduct.

“I’m not a lawyer, but I think his actions yesterday, and before that his phone calls to Georgia officials, I think these things have to be looked into,” Kelly said. “But most importantly, he’s gone in 13 days.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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