WATCH LIVE: VP Pence and Israeli PM Netanyahu Deliver Joint Remarks


Vice President Mike Pence’s whirlwind tour of the Middle East continues, with the VP stopping in Israel to talk up President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that the U.S. Embassy would be moved to Jerusalem. Now, the VP and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver a joint statement live at 1:05 p.m. EST

What will the two discuss? The embassy’s move to Jerusalem, no doubt, which has sped up its timeline for completion, with Pence saying it could be in place sometime during 2019. The pair is also likely to tout the continued friendship between the two nations and steps that could be taken to strengthen those bonds.

Pence will not be meeting with Palestinian officials at any point during his visit to the region, despite saying “we are at the dawn of a new era of renewed discussions to achieve a peaceful resolution to a decades-long conflict.”

The VP also told reporters that moving the capital to Jerusalem would help to “create an opportunity to move on in good faith negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

According to a report by ABC, Pence has been met by Palestinian protesters throughout his trip, with some yelling “Trump you are pig. May God demolish your home. How mean you are!”

Pence’s speech this morning before Israel’s parliament was even disrupted by a number of the chamber’s Israeli-Arab members.

Watch above, via The White House.

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