WATCH: Trump Announces Resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta During White House Pool Spray


President Donald Trump announced the resignation of embattled Labor Secretary Alex Acosta during a White House lawn press spray Friday morning.

“This was him, not me,” Trump said of Acosta’s decision to step down. He went on to point out that his soon-t0-be former Labor Secretary “went to Harvard,” and called him “tremendous talent.”

Acosta has been under a great deal of scrutiny for his role in what many saw as a very lenient plea deal he negotiated in 2008 for alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta held a press conference to address the persistent controversy, reportedly at the urging of President Trump, however, the reviews of his performance were not good enough for him to keep his job.

Acosta is the 14th cabinet member to resign/be fired since Trump was sworn into office. According to Reuters, Trump said Acosta has become a distraction and that his deputy, Pat Pizzella, will step up as acting secretary.

Acosta is expected to resign next week.

Watch above via Fox News.

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