White House Spox: Massive Increase in Illegals Immigrants Behind Kirstjen Nielsen Ouster


White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on America’s Newsroom to discuss the sudden departure of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from the Trump administration.

Nielsen has been under pressure from both progressive critics for what they saw as a severe and inhumane border policy that included separation of immigrant families, and conservative critics who have laid much of the blamed for the influx of migrants at the US southern border at the feet at Secretary Nielsen.

He first explained how Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan will do a great job dealing with what he called “the impending disaster at the southern border.” noting the sharp increase of “100,000 in one month” and  “massive numbers of people coming across the southern border.”

Co-host Sandra Smith asked how McAleenan would manage the border crisis differently, Gidley admitted that there has been a sharp increase under the Trump administration.

“We’ve seen such an increase in the influx of people coming into this country it is time to do things differently,” Gidley offered, adding “The president is looking around the to reshape his team to have the people in place to carry out his agenda and quite frankly he has the right to do that.”

The caravans of migrants approaching the southern US border are largely coming from the Central American countries, namely Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Humanitarian aid to these countries have been cut in half during the first two years of the Trump administration, and President Trump has threatened to cut aid to these countries altogether.

The cutting of aid has, in the eyes of some, led to the very destabilization and unsafe environment that has led to the border crisis that has sharply increased under Trump’s leadership in the White House.

Watch above, via Fox News.


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