A Restaurant in Texas Changed Its Name to Trump Café to Honor The Donald


The Belleville restaurant formerly known as the Belleville Café has changed its name to the Trump Café just over a week before the election to honor GOP candidate Donald Trump, because of course it did. According to the Houston Chronicle, the owners decided to change the name because “He loves America and we hope he will be president.” Co-owner Su Hawa People like the name, they’re supporting him.”

In addition to the name change, there’s also been a menu overhaul. The restaurant used to serve French food and seafood, but the new menu features Trump-themed American food. The Trump burger contains cheese, bacon, barbecue, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Hawa also told the Chronicle, “We’re trying to make Bellville look nice. It’s a beautiful town.”

While some commenters on Trump Café’s Facebook page agree with that sentiment, many don’t. One commenter wrote that he used to patronize the restaurant, but won’t anymore. “I guess no one ever told the owner you don’t mix a service oriented business with religion or politics ’cause you are bound to offend someone,” he wrote.” “And in a small town like Bellville where this business has not had much success he would want to have as many people eat there as possible. I think he has no idea how many he has offended by naming a restaurant after a psychotic sexual predator.”

According to Hawa, win or lose, the Trump Café will keep its name.

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