Aides: Trump Didn’t Even Realize Republican Convention Had to Be in Cleveland

trumpAccording to his own aides, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not even realize when planning the Republican National Convention that the event had to be Cleveland.

The New York Times has a piece Friday morning detailing Trump’s extravagant demands and notions about the upcoming convention. However, Trump’s plans were at many times stymied by a complete lack of understanding of the convention process. “At one point, two aides confirmed, Mr. Trump was not even aware that the event had to be held in Cleveland, a decision made almost two years ago by the Republican National Committee,” they report.

Among Trump’s other more unfeasible plans was renting out an open-air stadium to ride a helicopter onto the main stage, or firing off fireworks inside the venue. Both ideas were unfortunately axed for being too expensive and “unworkable” respectively.

A more feasible suggestion was that Trump enter Cleveland by train, but Trump nixed that one. “It’s been done,” he complained.

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