An Alabama Pastor Is Bringing Trump Fans and Syrian Refugees Together

Pastor Jim Mather has been trying to bridge the divide between Donald Trump supporters and Syrian refugees in his native Mobile, Alabama by bringing them to the table for biscuits and conversation.

As reported by the BBC, Mather hosts get-togethers for locals and Muslim refugees to foster better understanding. At a recent kitchen table summit, he brought 63-year-old Steve Weller, who supports Trump’s ban on Muslims, to meet Mustafa Khamees, a 19-year-old Syrian refugee. Khamees explained to Weller the rigid screening process that he and his family underwent to come to America, and defended the Islamic religion against its most radical elements, while Weller affirmed that the proposed ban was justified as a matter of caution and safety.

“The fear is, if it’s happening there and people are chopping people’s heads off over there,” Weller said, “and it could happen here. And it’s got to be protected before heads start getting chopped off here.”

Mather decried the “toxic” political environment unleashed by Trump’s words, specifically his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., words which Mather said were “damaging to the soul” for people who heard them. He added that the man was a “fool.”

Check out the video above, via BBC.

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