Chrissy Teigen Goes Off on People Saying Clinton and Trump Scandals Are the Same

If you weren’t following Chrissy Teigen before she switched her Twitter account to private, big mistake. Huge. Her account is one of the best things about this election (and life in general). But, just because she made her account private, doesn’t mean she’s not still active on the platform and Tweeting gem after gem to her 2.84 million followers.

This election has come with lots of scandals on both sides. Last week, the FBI announced it would be reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s e-mail server. Donald Trump is also no stranger to controversy. There are multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him.

It’s no secret that Teigen is “with her.” She is vocal in her support on social media and has spoken at a rally for the Democratic candidate. Teigen sent out a series of Tweets yesterday going off on those who believe Trump’s scandals are the same as Clinton’s.

chrissy-trump-2 chrissy-trump-3

And, she minced no words when one of her followers called Clinton “evil.”


Then, she Tweeted this today:


[featured image via screen grab]

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