Cruz: Religious Liberty Persecuted Thanks to ‘Illegitimate’ and ‘Lawless’ Gay Marriage Decision

ted-cruz-abce-e1454865943362Speaking to conservative Christian radio host Janet Mefferd Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz said there was an “assault on religious liberty from Washington that is unprecedented” — and this was the result of the “lawless,” “fundamentally illegitimate,” and “disastrous” Supreme Court ruling that made gay marriage legal nationally.

Cruz noted that Christians of conscience had come under attack, thanks in large part to the Obergefell decision, making reference to cases of florists, bakers, firemen, among others, who were fined or censured for violating various anti-discrimination policies — though Right Wing Watch observes that “almost none of [these] have stemmed from the federal government.”

Cruz cast his net broadly by describing the “persecution of religious liberty,” and invoked “inspirational” tales of Americans who had come under the jackboot of oppression. Curiously, despite Cruz’s apocalyptic rhetoric, in none of these cases was the freedom to worship or attend a church of one’s choosing ever hindered. Rather, in each case, the “religious freedom” principle seemed limited to preserving a single, very specific privilege, to discriminate against gays — whether that meant private individuals denying services to same-sex couples or public employees using their role to promulgate anti-homosexual views — or, as Cruz characterized it, “honor[ing] their commitment to God.”

Cruz reiterated his commitment to continue to wage war on marriage equality, averring that the SCOTUS decision would “not stand.”

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