Donald Trump Says He Would Beat President Obama at Golf

Since attacking George W. Bush over 9/11 doesn’t seem to be working out for him, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump might want to stick with the line he tried out in South Carolina this week when he attacked President Obama over his golf game. Toward the end of a Q and A session in Bluffton, SC, Trump was asked to reveal his golf handicap, and whether he thought he could beat Obama on the links.

Trump’s answer was characteristically modest, and veered off into a common talking point that opponents use against the President:

I would win. No, seriously, I would. No, I’ve won many club championships.

…You know, when the President plays golf, it’s a great thing, but he should play with people that he wants to make deals with, congresspeople and people from other countries, not just his friends.

Trump has previously praised President Obama for playing golf with then-Speaker of the House John Boehner, and seems to have missed the memo that Boehner himself says that it was he who turned Obama down for additional golf games because Republican voters didn’t like him doing it for whatever reason™.

Trump also slickly implied that he has a five handicap without actually saying it, and failed to mention widespread allegations that he cheats at golf.

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