Donald Trump to Meet With Sheriff David Clarke at Trump Tower

david-clarkeAccording to a report from Breitbart News, president-elect Donald Trump plan to meet with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke next Monday at Trump Tower.

Trump’s transition team confirmed that the meeting was scheduled, but wouldn’t say if Clarke was being considered for an administration position or not. “The president-elect meets with individuals who he believes he wants to hear their ideas, suggestions and opinions and then sometimes considers them for multiple potential positions,” said Sean Spicer.

Clarke is a cable news mainstay, know for his blunt pro-law enforcement and anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric. Clarke endorsed Trump at the Republican National Convention in July.

With that blunt rhetoric has occasionally come controversy. Most recently, Clarke said during the election that the government was so corrupt that it was “pitchforks and torches time.” A year earlier, Clarke said that Black Lives Matter was so anti-American, they planned to “join forces with ISIS.”

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