Glenn Beck: America Will Undergo ‘Violent Revolution’ If We Elect Hillary or Rubio

Glenn Beck (1)While campaigning for Republican Ted Cruz in Reno, Nevada, radio host Glenn Beck told the crowd Monday that if Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio were elected president, the United States would see violent revolution in ten years.

Beck said the Constitution was already hanging by a thread, and after the death of Antonin Scalia, “that thread has been cut.” He told the crowd that the U.S. had four options, four different choices it could make in the upcoming presidential election.

The first was socialism, which the crowd naturally booed and Beck said would lead to communism. The second was “status quo,” which he said was exemplified by Rubio and Clinton, politicians who support the current political system and say “hey, it’s working for me.”

“Listen to me,” Beck told the crowd, “that leads to violent revolution in ten years. That’s not a good thing.”

Beck then denounced authoritarianism, which he said Donald Trump believed in. The last option was of course Ted Cruz, who Beck urged voters to support.

Watch above, via YouTube.

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