Gross: Watch This Guy Take Shots of Ketchup at The DNC

Stephen Colbert has boots on the ground at the DNC this week, and, as he was in Cleveland, he is live-streaming the condiment station, because you know, if you’re going to report on the ketchup and relish offerings in one place, you have to report it from the other. We’re pretty sure they teach you that in journalism school. For the most part, it’s the same oddly calming footage of people approaching the station, taking what they need and leaving quietly.

There’s also the guy who hangs out for a while and houses shots of ketchup:

For our own general well-being, we have to assume that he knew he was being taped and that it’s some sort of stunt. It doesn’t change the fact that he did it, but it will help us sleep tonight. If you need to see the full 60 minute video, here you go:

[image via screen grab]

[H/T Eater]

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