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Jake Tapper Tries Really Hard to Snap Marco Rubio Out of His Denial

tapperrubioSuper Tuesday has not been kind to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who currently leads in the Minnesota Republican presidential caucuses, but has yet to win any other state this entire primary season, and is losing his home state to Donald Trump by double digits. Even more unkind was the immovable wall of skepticism with which Jake Tapper greeted Rubio’s attempt to spin his losses.

After a few cracks at getting Rubio to face facts, Tapper cut right to the chase and invoked a certain Egyptian river. Rubio squeezed out a few more cheerful talking points, only to be deflated by Tapper’s priceless toss to Anderson Cooper:

Tapper: Senator, you keep saying that, and he keeps winning states, and you’re talking about Virginia and that’s another state that Donald Trump won. I’m wondering if there’s a certain amount of denial that you’re in about this race.

Rubio: No, Jake. (etc.)

Senator Marco Rubio, thank you so much, sir.

Rubio: Thanks, Jake.

Tapper: Call it determination, call it denial. Senator Marco Rubio. Anderson?

That was so brutal, even Donald Trump was like “Take it easy on the kid, Jake!”

Alas, it also happens to be true. With nary a win on the board and things looking bad for him in Florida, Rubio’s in a strange position to be asking anyone else to drop out of the race.

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