Jeb Blasts Trump: He Was ‘Building a Reality TV Show’ While W. Kept Americans Save

JebPicking up where his brother left off, Jeb Bush continued to rail against Donald Trump at a South Carolina rally Monday afternoon, blasting the GOP frontrunner for attacking the former president “who did keep us save” while Trump was busy “building a reality TV show.”

“I’m sure it was a fantastic” TV show, Bush quipped. “I’ve never seen it. I’m sure it was great.”

Bush joked that, as he listened to Trump accuse George W. during Saturday night’s debate of selling Americans on the Iraq War under false pretenses, he wondered if it wasn’t filmmaker “Michael Moore on the stage.”

“I never thought in a Republican debate we would be talking about impeaching a Republican, two-term president, who was extraordinarily popular for good reason amongst Republicans. I thought that was a little weird,” Bush said.

Bush said he was proud of his brother, the 43rd president, for bringing “together a team to build the security apparatus that to this day is one of the reasons why we haven’t been attacked more often than we have.”

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