Jerry Falwell Jr. Demanded Liberty University Student Paper Cut Anti-Trump Article

jerry-falwell-jredited-650x437One of Donald Trump’s surrogates used his position at a university to force the student paper’s editors to cut an article that criticized Trump’s so-called “locker room talk” from the Access Hollywood tape.

The piece, written by Liberty University student and Liberty Champion sports editor Joel Schmieg, took the position that talk like Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks are never heard in the locker rooms he’s been in.

According to the Daily Beast, president Jerry Falwell Jr., a passionate supporter of Trump’s, called on the editors of the paper to cut Schmieg’s column because he felt there was too much focus on Trump in that issue.

“[My editors] read the email to me. He said, basically, the gist was that there were two articles this week about Trump,” Schmieg told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “One was a letter to the editor from a Liberty alum, and they didn’t want two things running about him.”

Falwell Jr., whose father founded the Christian university, has faced some pushback from his student base over his continued support for the real estate mogul. Over a thousand students signed a letter excoriating the evangelical leader for sticking by Trump following the tape’s release.

The Beast ended up publishing Schmieg’s piece in full.

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