NYC is Getting an Extremely Patriotic Restaurant Called ‘Merica


New York City is getting a new restaurant, and it’s going to be extremely patriotic. It’s called ‘Merica, and it’s being opened in the East Village by the same people who brought you the Will Ferrell-themed bar called Stay Classy, and the Tim Burton-themed restaurant Beetle House.

Cofounder Zach Neil told DNAinfo that the inspiration for his restaurant came from his childhood. “I spent a good portion of my childhood around the backwood, hillbilly southern Republicans, then I moved to Pennsylvania and grew up next to a NASCAR race track. Imagine the Donald Trump campaign coming to your backyard every weekend.”

Neil said that there’s “so much to laugh at” in today’s election. “There’s also a lot to cry about,” he said, “but we don’t want to be on the crying side.”

The restaurant will be decorated with guns, war memorabilia, and race cars. Some of the menu pokes at Donald Trump. Order the T-Rump Mexican Burger, and you’ll get a patty made of meat from the rump of a cow, and topped with slices of American and Mexican Pepperjack cheeses which are separated by a “wall” made of of onions, peppers and mushrooms. Of the burger, Neil said, “One bite and you’ll realize these tastes belong together.”

Hillary Clinton gets some of the same treatment. One of the burgers, called the “100 calorie lie” is a triple bacon cheeseburger slathered in mac n’ cheese- clearly not 100 calories.

The restaurant opens Oct. 15.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article said the “restaurant would be like the Donald Trump campaign coming to your backyard.” While the restaurant is inspired by the owner’s childhood, the restaurant is not Donald Trump’s Campaign-themed.

[image via Facebook/Merica NYC]

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