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Patton Oswalt: Campaigning Through Pneumonia is ‘Badass’

The Internet freaked out yesterday after Hillary Clinton left the 9/11 Ceremony in New York because she wasn’t feeling well. The Internet freaked out a second time when it was revealed that she’s been diagnosed with pneumonia. Some Twitter users wished her well. Others had a different take. One Tweet read, “Today has been one of the worst days for reporting on this campaign I have ever seen. It is honestly embarrassing.” Many people took it as a sign that the illness, which can be debilitating makes her weak.

Patton Oswalt is not going to take that side. He’s taking her illness as a sign of strength, calling the fact that she’s still campaigning as hard as she is a “badass” move.

Then, he compared Hillary’s pneumonia to Trump’s “psychotic, dissociative narcissism with lack of empathy.”

And, to put things in perspective:

[H/T Huffington Post]

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