Poll: Trump Pummels Rubio in His Native Sunshine State

Trump RubioIf Sen. Marco Rubio and his supporters were expecting a big upset win in his home state of Florida to stall Donald Trump‘s momentum, they may be disappointed. A new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday shows the New York-based billionaire trouncing Rubio on his own turf.

Trump is leading Rubio 44-28 percent among likely Republican voters in Florida, according to the poll, with Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich, and Dr. Ben Carson brining up the rear with a paltry 12, 7, and 4 percent respectively.

Twenty-one percent of those polled said they “would definitely not support” Trump were he the nominee, as compared with 26 percent for Cruz and 17 percent for Rubio.

Rubio won the most support from voters with higher-education taking 37 percent of voters with college degrees, while Trump was easily the most popular among voters without college degrees, taking 50 percent of that set.

Strong leadership was considered the most important quality among Florida Republicans, according to 32 percent of those polled, whereas only 23 percent said they prized being honest and trustworthy. Among voters who said being a “strong leader” was the most important characteristic, Trump led Rubio 66-16 percent, but among voters who sought the candidate who had the “best chance of winning,” Rubio led Trump 54-28.

Florida primary voting will take place on March 15.

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