Reince Preibus: I Would ‘Probably’ Fire Melania Trump Speechwriter

priebus2At a Bloomberg Politics-hosted breakfast Tuesday morning, RNC head Reince Priebus told audience members that he would probably fire whoever wrote Melania Trump‘s convention speech that appeared to plagiarize from Michelle Obama‘s 2008 convention speech.

At the same time, Priebus said he didn’t blame Melania herself for the controversy. “I don’t blame her,” he told attending journalists. “Some of these things are pretty common types of themes.”

Still, he argued, “the distraction gets you off message a little bit this morning. But I think we’ll get back to action this afternoon.”

Priebus’s comments come after the Trump campaign issued a vague statement that failed to directly address the allegations of plagiarism, saying only that the speech “included fragments that reflected her own thinking.” They did however confirm that the speech was written by a “team of writers,” contrary to Melania’s initial claims that she wrote the speech herself.

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