Reporters Retaliate Against Trump’s Treatment of Press, Destroy Footage of Hotel Tour


The press pool for Donald Trump made the unprecedented collective decision to refuse to air footage of a tour of Trump’s new hotel, even erasing the tape to ensure it never became public.

Trump announced Friday morning that he would be giving a “press conference” in his new D.C. hotel on the birther issue. When reporters arrived, they discovered that the press were being forced to sit in the back of the room. The “press conference” turned out to be a half an hour of veterans praising Trump, sprinkled with advertisements for the hotel, followed by an extremely brief comment from Trump on the actual topic at hand.

Trump took no questions and left the room, leading to angry shouts from the duped reporters.

He did however take cameras and photographers on a personal tour of the new hotel. But no reporters were allowed to come, and those who did try to follow were physically restrained.

Outraged, the members of the press poll voted not to use the footage and reportedly even destroyed the footage.

[Image via screengrab]


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