Sean Penn for Supreme Court? Jimmy Kimmel Epically Trolls NH Primary Voters

As the dust settles around the earth-shattering results of the New Hampshire primary, in which Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders each scored massive victories, no one seems to be asking the important questions, like how dare Carly Fiorina pay homeless people to vote for her?

Well, it turns out someone was asking that important question, and many others, as voters made their way out of the polls Tuesday evening. Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a camera crew to a polling station in Nashua, New Hampshire, to get their views on a raft of (mostly) fictional scenarios, and the result was comedy gold.

While Donald Trump’s declaration about pretty much being a Democrat hews somewhat closely to real life, voters were all too willing to believe things like Hillary Clinton’s intention to nominate Sean Penn to the Supreme Court, and their responses illustrated the degree to which we’re all susceptible to confirmation bias. Watch the clip above, from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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