Sorry, Donald: Pew Poll Finds Large Majority Oppose Border Wall

border-patrolAccording to a new Pew poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose building a wall on the Mexican border, the central plank of Donald Trump‘s campaign.

62% of Americans oppose building a wall across the entire Mexican border, compared to 34% who support the idea. This high dissatisfaction is driven in part by the fact that more than four-fifths of Hispanics and African-Americans oppose the wall.

Democrats are least likely to support the wall, with 83% opposed. The group most likely to support the border wall are Trump supporters, naturally. 84% say they support the wall, compared to 64% of Ted Cruz supporters. 53% of John Kasich supporters oppose the wall.

Pew also found that majorities of Republicans and Democrats alike still support allowing undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements to stay in the country legally. They did find Republican support had slipped a bit: “59% of Republicans favor allowing undocumented immigrants to remain in the country legally, compared with 65% in September.”

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