Step Aside, Pokémon Go, the Donald Trump Mobile Game is Here

TGIF, because mobile game Jrump is here. Cancel all your weekend plans, because this one is going to be yuuuuuuge.

In this new game, available in both the iOS and Android app stores now (and free!), Donald Trump is President and has saved the planet- he’s even eliminated Winter entirely, (“global winning,” people). Now that his work is done, he needs your help to get “as high into the galaxy as possible, to fix their problems too.” How does he get there? He needs you to build him walls so that he can climb higher and higher away from America, while avoiding obstacles including Hillary Clinton and scientists.

One of the creators of the game Tom Bellamy told the Huffington Post that the inspiration for the game came from listening to Trump go on and on about how building the wall he loves to talk about would fix everything. “We began to discuss how funny it would be to make a game focused around his love of walls and the apocalypse that might happen following his election.”

Bellamy also says he really hopes the GOP nominee will play the game. “We think Donald’s small, nimble hands would make him great at this game.”

[image via screen grab/YouTube]

[H/T Huffington Post]

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