Trump Hits Back at Former CIA Chief Mike Morell: ‘Another Obama-Clinton Pawn’

trump-4After former CIA head Mike Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in an op-ed and accused Donald Trump of being an unwitting agent of the Russians, Trump hit back in a statement denouncing Morell as just another Clinton pawn.

“Hillary Clinton and President Obama bear the direct responsibility of destabilizing the Middle East, having let ISIS take firm hold and Iraq, Libya and Syria, not to mention their allowing Americans to be slaughtered at Benghazi,” Trump began.

“Clinton’s home email server that she lied to the American people about was a profound national security risk, and it should come as no surprise that her campaign would push out another Obama-Clinton pawn (who is not independent) to try to change the subject in a week when Clinton’s role in putting Iran on the path to nuclear weapons and this Administration’s being called out for sending $400 million in cash to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism is on every front page in the country,” he continued.

“Hillary Clinton has bad judgment and is unfit to serve as president,” Trump concluded simply.

[Image via screengrab]
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