Trump Questions Why President Obama Is ‘Out There Campaigning For Crooked Hillary’

trump-north-carolina-rallyeditedDuring the first of three campaign rallies he has scheduled for today, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama for hitting the campaign trail for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to the crowd in North Carolina, Trump brought up the recent news that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that his country is separating from the United States and siding with China.

As Trump told it, this apparently occurred because Obama is too distracted trying to get “Crooked Hillary” elected.

“China and Russia are probably going to take {The Philippines],” Trump bellowed. “And i see him out there campaigning for Crooked Hillary. Come on, come on, give me a break.”

This month, Obama has made waves with some of his campaign rallies on behalf of Clinton. Yesterday, he targeted Senator Marco Rubio for his support of Trump and brought up Vladimir Putin. Last week, he joked about Alex Jones and whether or not he was a demon.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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