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Trump Slaps George Stephanopoulos for ‘Making a Negative Out of a Big Win’

After his big victories in Tuesday night’s Republican presidential nominating contests, Donald Trump was taking the first of several hundred miles of victory laps on Good Morning America when George Stephanopoulos waved him in for a quick pit stop.

Stephanopoulos followed up a series of questions about Trump’s huge victories in places like Mississippi and Michigan by asking if exit polls showing him losing with late deciders gave him any pause. The response was pure Trump:

Stephanopoulos: One of the other canaries in the coal mine, exit polls out of Michigan show voters who decided in the last few days went overwhelmingly for John Kasich, 43%, only 12% went for you. What does that say to you?

Trump: Well, it says to me that you’re probably the only person that could make a negative out of a big win because I had a tremendous win yesterday. I had, you know, in Michigan, in Mississippi, I was almost at 50%, and don’t forget that’s with four candidates. That’s not with two people but four candidates and, you know, I see nothing negative about Michigan. The Michigan win was fantastic. It was a monster win. It was a, as you would call it, a massive landslide.

Despite Trump’s protests to the contrary, the late swing for Kasich will, at the very least, convince the Ohio governor to hang in there until the Ohio primary next Tuesday, and as Stephanopoulos noted, could be a sign that Kasich could beat Trump there.

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