WATCH: Stephen Baldwin Says His Brother Alec’s Trump Impersonation Is ‘Really Not Funny’

stephen-baldwineditedAfter Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas, actor and Donald Trump supporter Stephen Baldwin decided to weigh in on his brother Alec’s Trump impression on Saturday Night Live. And, apparently, he isn’t a fan.

Speaking to a bevy of reporters, including Mediaite’s J.D. Durkin, Baldwin did state that his brother has the Republican presidential nominee’s voice down. However, he felt that the election shouldn’t be fodder for comedy.

“When you ask me about Alec and his Trump impersonation, you know what I have to say,” the Usual Suspects star stated. “My honest opinion is it’s really not funny just because this election isn’t funny.”

Baldwin continued, “Young people and those undecided voters — everybody needs to do as much homework as they can in the next twenty days because if Mr. Trump doesn’t get in there we’re going to see more of what we’ve seen in the last eight years.”

He then went on to talk about how he’s now an Evangelical Christian and Trump’s appearance on SNL last year.

Watch the clip above.

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