Woody Harrelson Thinks We Should Get Rid of The Electoral College

woody-harrelson-e1479333127666Woody Harrelson sat down with Vanity Fair this week to discuss his upcoming movie The Edge of Seventeen. But, this week everything is politics, so of course his thoughts on the recent election also came up.

When asked how he felt about it, the actor replied, “It doesn’t change anything for me. My life will continue on as it does. But, I feel like I just can’t help but care about this country. I mean, I wouldn’t invite [Trump] to dinner, much less want him to be my president.”

He then slammed the electoral college, saying ” I do feel, in a true democracy, if you win the popular vote, as did Al Gore back in 2000, you should be the president. We should kick this electoral college to the curb. An antiquated, bullsh*t system, you know? Anyway, I’m going off.”

This is the second election in recent memory where the candidate who won the popular vote lost the electoral college. Currently, there is a petition with millions of signatures- including Lady Gaga‘s online to call on “faithless electors” to vote Hillary Clinton into the presidency, even though President-Elect Donald Trump leads by many electoral college votes.

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