On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw Agrees with Hugh Hewitt: ‘Booming Out There’, ‘Economy is Humming’


President Donald Trump has turned the nation’s attention back to immigration in the weeks leading up to the election, and the media have offered analysis on why that is. He’s been asked about why he’s not talking up the economy and criticized by some strategists for missing a major winning topic for Republicans. On Meet the Press on Sunday, Chuck Todd discussed that with guests, and though differing on strategy, there was little disagreement the economy is a positive for Republicans.

Radio host and MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt pointed out first in the clip above that “74%, people think their own personal economics are good” in a poll released this morning. “That is a remarkable thing.”

NBC’s Samantha Guthrie pushed back on that point citing the fact that so many people thing the administration is on the wrong track. “It’s like we’re not in an economic recession we’re in a political recession.”

Todd played a clip then of President Trump at rallies addressing the idea that he doesn’t bring up the economy. The participants chuckled, but journalist and former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw said that Hewitt was right about the impact of the economy on the election.

“But the fact of the matter is, Hugh is right. At the end of the day people have the best job creation economy we’ve had since the 1960s. I mean, in the industrial midwest where Trump did so well in the last election, it’s booming out there,” he said. “The economy is humming. You cannot, you cannot overestimate the importance of the economy when people walk into that booth.”

Pollster Cornell Belcher then explained that for “the resistance”, led by suburban women, it’s “not about the economy.”

NBC’s Kasie Hunt added that healthcare and high premiums also matter, and that if you’re contemplating bankruptcy over medical bills – which is obviously not a polled demographic – then it offsets the good about the economy.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC News.

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